M Night Shyamalan got schooled

Hollywood director (of movies like The Sixth Sense and The Villagers) M Night Shyamalan talked about the findings of his foundation – which he wrote about in his book ‘I Got Schooled’ – at Harvard’s Ed school in 2014.

He talks about 5 conditions needed in schooling environments (in primarily inner-city school) to close the achievement gap for students in those schools. I was really impressed by his astute observations and findings, and approach to answering these questions for himself. He wasn’t easily swayed by gut instincts, but looked at every hypothesis very empirically. Honestly, I did not expect that from someone who has spent their entire careers in the storytelling arts.

One of the things he does many times in the talk is draw a parallel between countries with high class divisions and inequalities like India, and the United States. I thought that was a powerful idea, which I would love to see unpacked more from people who focus on comparative education.

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