Prohibition prevents domestic violence?

Being a teetotaler, I am all for prohibition. Which is why is the conclusions of this episode on NDTV of a show a called Truth vs Hype bothered me a little. This episode (a) struggles to build strong and persuasive arguments, (b) doesn’t fully help clarify why we don’t have the data that is being referred to throughout the video. At the end of the day, I don’t know better than you know on the relation of prohibition to domestic violence. What I do believe is that a huge amount of unconscious bias on the part of the story-tellers here is┬ácausing us to form a perception that seems further from the truth. The reporters and the (handpicked) lawyer want us to believe prohibition and domestic violence are unrelated, but responses from women clearly say the opposite. But I am biased; that could also make me believe what I believe.

At the end of it all, this video, as a negative example, highlights the importance of good journalism in dealing with bias and structuring arguments. Something I think India is sorely lacking.

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